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MCDEVCO Editorial Guide

The Marathon County Development Corporation (MCDEVCO) website is meant to be a collaborative community — one in which MCDEVCO and Marathon County constituents share information that contributes to economic development in Marathon County — including business retention, expansion and new opportunities. We encourage members of our community to participate — be it answering a poll, posting a comment, or submitting a post or video.  MCDEVCO reserves the right to edit written posts (both from pre-determined MCDEVCO contributors and the general readership) and review comments prior to posting. We will do so to ensure content is relevant, to screen for potential libel, slander or malicious content, to balance release dates of posts and to ensure quality (grammar, spelling, readability). MCDEVCO will review posts and posts with or without notice at their discretion based on content and relevancy.

MCDEVCO Guidelines for Participation

Be relevant. The MCDEVCO website is meant to foster communication and collaboration that drives new business development and helps current business owners retain and grow their businesses. Please be sure your posts are related to issues relevant to business and economic development. Any and all post content is published at the sole discretion of MCDEVCO.

Be yourself. Posts are meant to be personable — you talking to the collective “me.” Connect with readers, let your personality shine forth, and be informative without lecturing.

Be reasonable. Refrain from offensive language, slander, libel and willfully malicious content. The MCDEVCO site is meant to foster collaboration and communication — not incite division. United we stand, divided we fall — that is an economic development mantra to live by because we all benefit from building better businesses in our community.

Be civil. Treat one another with respect. If we feel someone has crossed the civility line, we reserve the right to remove that post or comment. Avoid content that is obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, improper, inflammatory, or otherwise objectionable. We will not tolerate racist, slanderous, sexist comments or personal attacks. We will screen posts and comments prior to their appearance to ensure our standards are upheld. We reserve the right remove those that violate our standards and will ban future posts from those who repeatedly violate the MCDEVCO Editorial Policy.

Be responsible. All opinions expressed in MCDEVCO posts and comments are those of the individual authors/commenters and do not necessarily represent the views of the Marathon County Development Corporation. Blog authors are solely responsible for the material they submit for posting on the MCDEVCO website. Do not post content that is not yours to post — refrain from posting content that could cause the blogger or MCDEVCO to incur legal liability, such as violations of copyright or defamation laws. If you use other primary resources in your post, cite them and provide links to those resources. Give credit where credit is due.

MCDEVCO cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information in the MCDEVCO blogs and disclaims any liability for any information or content in postings. Bloggers agree that MCDEVCO maintains the sole right to remove postings for these reasons or for any reason at any time. Be aware. Comments and posts may contain links to information on other websites.

When you select an external link, you are leaving the MCDEVCO site and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the outside website. We are not responsible for content on external websites, nor do we specifically endorse these external websites. Be our guest. If you’d like to submit posts on a regular basis, we’d love to discuss this opportunity with you.

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If you have questions or concerns about this Editorial Policy, please contact Karen Nerison at

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