Gathering Business Intelligence

Any company or professional interested in recommending, investing in, partnering with, or doing business with any corporation, would benefit greatly by having a reliable educational resource to provide an accurate and detailed profile. 

The information gathered from the company profiles, such as movement of personnel within the corporation, and in and out of the corporation, is a good barometer of stability for future personal growth within. The mergers and acquisitions are a clear indicator of the corporate mission.  A securities investment broker can make better recommendations, and an executive recruiter can better fit a candidate to a position.  Virtually any company can utilize accurate profiling to gain a competitive edge by identifying a potential alliance or threat. 

There is one source where all of the information about virtually any corporation can be viewed in depth.  This perspective can provide a clear lens into the heart, soul and guts of the organization. That source is Corporate Affiliations, the undisputed leader in corporate profiling.  A membership to this group will prove invaluable and help to prevent costly errors in judgment when considering a particular corporation as a factor any potential business plan. The information they provide includes:

  • Business Description – This includes the year founded, types of products originally produced, early mergers and innovations, the position of the company today, stock exchange listings, revenue, assets, liabilities, number of employees and more.
  • Company Tree – Who is the parent company if applicable and who are the offspring and adopted children. A complete hierarchy file tree is open with details of every single subsidiary.   
  • Competition- All of the important competitors for any of the company and its subsidies are listed in detail
  • SIC and NAICS Industry Classifications – This is a valuable insight to the corporation’s diversity.
  • Current Personnel – A detailed company directory of every pertinent executive and member of management of every subsidiary, and their profiles, is available and updated constantly. 
  • Past Personnel – A profile and history of past executives including the position they held and where they are today is also available.
  • Executive Compensation – The salary, bonuses, options and all other compensation of the highest executives is published.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – The specifics of every M & A including offers, close date and who the acquisition was from.  
  • Stock Exchange Information 

With detailed information, available from Corporate Affiliations company profiles, the CEO, sales manager, broker, buyer, or anyone else interested in a particular corporation, can be provided knowledge that will help to make key decisions or confident investments.  Being educated in all of the workings within a corporation is like having an automotive engineer help you buy a car. You will know how it runs, how efficiently, if it may break down and what it may be worth in the future.  

LexisNexis Corporate Affiliations 


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